No download casinos

The buzzword is “no download casino,” and gamers everywhere are cashing in at these browser-based casinos, bypassing the fuss of downloading software to their computers. Of the three types, two types, Java created games and Flash created ones, are very similar. In fact, some online casinos use a mix of both to run the games on their site. Both Java and Flash run through a computer’s Web Brower and allow for animations, sounds and quick interactivity in games with a minimal need to download any type of software onto the computer. Furthermore, both are compatible with Mac browsers, whereas all downloadable casino programs are built only for Windows and can’t make the transition to Mac computers. Java is universally available across all computer browsers. Flash allows for a few better graphics or game programming but is not supported by every single Web browser out there.

In addition to being used on both Mac and PC computers, the advantages for casinos to offer their games through browsers include the fact that if the non-downloadable casino doesn’t run properly on a certain computer, it is a simple fix for the user to download or update Java and Flash, whereas trying to troubleshoot every reason a downloaded casino can’t run can be next to impossible, taking into account the numerous video cards, virus protectors and incompatible programs on individual computers that can cause a tiny bug to become a crash.

Other advantages of using the Web browser version of an online casino include being able to quickly pull up account information on any computer, even public ones, and not have to re-download all of the casino’s program for each computer. This is especially well-suited for players on the go since many public computers will not allow users to download programs, or may not remove the program at the end of a session, exposing the user’s information to anyone who uses the computer later. Browser games load much faster than downloadable casinos, plus they generally take up fewer of the computer’s resources and memory, so multitasking is much smoother, not to mention it is much easier to switch back and forth between applications.

There are a few considerations to think about before going this route and choosing to gamble through Flash or Java casinos only. These casinos often don’t have the full number of games or same quality of graphics as their downloadable versions. Also, players using public computers or borrowing another machine still need to stay alert for key-logging programs that will record any information you put into it, and must still log out at the end of the session or risk exposing your account info to strangers.

Flash and Java may work with Mac computers, but are still incompatible with mobile technology like phones. The newcomer to the world of gaming, HTML5 casinos, corrects this, not only by bringing various improvements with it like better graphics and sounds approaching the downloadable versions of casinos, but also by working with iPads and iPhones, meaning true mobile gaming is here. Players can fire up their casino while on a layover in the airport or play a few hands of blackjack while waiting for their business meeting to begin without using company resources. Even on desktop computers, HTML5 is attractive in that it will work on computers in which Java or Flash won’t whether due to browser issues or user error.

This on-demand gaming is convenient for moderate gamers but can have a major drawbacks for gambling addicts so the need to play responsibly is greater than ever. The good news is that many no download casinos have a practice or play chip mode where gamblers can play their favorite table games or spin the video machines without using real money. Players who want the thrill of real gaming can take advantage of online casinos’ various player bonuses which are awarded in Web-based accounts the same way as in traditional online casino accounts.


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