Cryptologic Slots Promo at Virgin Casino

Virgin Casino, generally powered by the WagerWorks software, also has a special agreement with another famous internet casino games developer called Cryptologic. The company is famous for its branded slots, featuring popular characters and situations from well-known movies, comics and even video games. This April Virgin Casino draws the attention of its customers to those Cryptologic slot machines with a special promotion branded as King Kong Cashback.

The slot that gives the promo its name is called King Kong and features 5 reels and 25 paylines of sheer fun with incredible free spins option, giving up to 125 free spins, which may even be retriggered an unlimited number of times. Another awesome feature of the game is called King Kong Goes Ape. Triggered by the King Kong wild symbol, it makes the giant monster of an ape appear on the main screen, moving the paylines aside and crushing everything in its way. Plus, there is a special bonus game on a separate screen, where the player has to control the giant as it smashes airplanes while hanging on top of a skyscraper’s tower. The other games to play for the promotion are Marvel Comics branded slots of Hulk: Ultimate Revenge, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, the immensely popular Call of Duty 4 slot, and some more Cryptologic state-of-the-art slot machines.

King Kong Cashback promotion literally offers the players of Virgin Casino to go bananas for free cashback as even the money they lose won’t be wasted. Starting on the 5th of April, every pound lost in the games that participate in the promo (including but not limited to the King Kong slot) will automatically receive an increasing cashback amount, deposited on the following day to the player’s account. The sooner a player signs up for this offer, the more he or she can avail of it. The cashback of the first day is only 10%, but with each day a gambler bets on these Cryptologic slots the amount of cashback money will grow, reaching a huge 50% on the last seventh day of the promo, which will be the 11th of April. Those who fail to participate on the very first day may also join the King Kong Cashback any time that week, but their bonus money will not reach the maximum 50% cashback. The progression goes as follows: on the first day of a player’s participation a 10% refund of the losses is given. On the second day the cashback percentage grows to 12% and keeps on increasing until it reaches a quarter of all the money lost on the participating slots on the fifth day and a whole half on the seventh.

As all the promotions have their limitations, this one also does. The maximum refund of any single day may not exceed ?100 and the percent of a current day’s cashback (which will be somewhere between 10% and 50% depending on the day a player participates) will be applied to the total loss of the day, so if the amount won exceeds the money lost, there will be no refund on that day, though the day will also count for the increasing cashback percentage. The other requirement is that there has to be not less than ?2 on a player’s account for the refund money to be transmitted.


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