Bodog plans a total makeover of casino lobbies

Online casinos haven’t changed for years from the development point of view, although they have brought the biggest revenue in terms of both turnover and margin for the majority of operators. The Bodog brand has decided to break with tradition and to overhaul the interactive casino market in a similar way it did with poker.

Within the last two years the licensees of Bodog Brand took a fresh look at the future of the online poker market and unanimously agreed to bring three fundamental changes: blocking data tracking websites and players’ information, a full restructuration of rake back system and a total revision of the kind of player that rooms try to attract. They believe that non-professional players are the key to a pleasant and successful poker experience. Other leading operators in the industry quickly adopted these changes.

Equally, mobile applications and in-play wagering has given sports betting a new lease of life and now even the once almighty betting exchanges are turning into classic bookmakers themselves. And now next in turn are online casinos. Bodog Asia is presently building its own studio for live dealer games that will allow players to enjoy advantages that were impossible before: tables designed for specific players and groups of players, the possibility to choose the dealer you prefer, random bonuses and live concessions and the most attractive women. Casino, Casino and Bodog Casino have launched a renewed casino lobby this week, which is the first part of a multi-level reconstruction of the online casinos experience which we all believe will, like it happened with poker, become the new standard in the industry.

The new lobby will give players an opportunity to find the necessary games quickly thanks to a dynamic search option and more user-friendly navigation. Moreover, it gives players a complete overview of all present games and their individual characteristics, which is possible with the aid of a revolutionary spy preview function.


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