Mac compartible casinos. Online casinos for Mac os.

What works for a PC doesn’t always work for a Mac, as Mac owners have discovered and lived with throughout the years. Nothing frustrates an owner of Apple computers as much as knowing that the majority of the software is geared toward Windows-based computers. Until recently, this included internet gambling. Steps have been made by online casinos in the past few years to cash in on Mac owners who want to join, but some recent improvements have truly given freedom to online gambling on Mac computers.

Almost all internet gambling sites start life as a package of software that must be downloaded from the casino’s Web site, installed on a PC, then started as a separate program to run independently from all other online programs on the computer. This was the best way to deliver sharp graphics and continuous gaming, but at the cost of leaving out Mac users since none of the software was compatible with their machines. While there are some poker rooms that provide downloadable versions of their software for Macs, no one seemed to figure out how to make casino software work for Macs. Some casinos, like, experimented with downloadable versions of casino software for Macs, but all seemed to have dropped the software after beta testing.

Then came an online gambling environment that delivered the games through Web browsers. Any browser that could run video and animation through either Java or Flash could now become an instant casino. Searching for online casinos or no-download casinos with bring up an endless array of gambling sites that are Mac compatible, since most gaming companies have realized the importance of a non-downloadable casino for both Mac and PC users. Web based casinos are easier to load, quicker to sign into and more convenient for gamblers who consider themselves computer illiterate. What’s more, Mac and Apple owners could join in on every major gaming platform like Playtech, Microgaming and RTG, gaining access to hundreds of slot machines and dozens of table games.

There are still a few drawbacks for gambling online with a Macintosh computer, though. While browser-based online casinos have decent graphics and good quality gaming, it is rare to find an online casino that offers its full range of gaming through Flash or Java. To get the full casino, players must still download the software. Plus, online gambling with Macs is contingent on whether the Flash or Java will run in its browser without errors, and as with all software, sometimes glitches happen. The biggest obstacle, though, was that online betting was limited to those with computers. Mobile gaming on an iPad or iPhone was still not possible. Then a breakthrough came for Mac gamblers in the form of HTML5. This new way of presenting online casinos meant that graphic quality was improved and visiting online casinos with an iPad and iPhone was possible.

Even for Mac users playing casino games online only through their computers, the good news is that joining an Mac compatible online casino is just a matter of providing a little personal information on a secure site, with no software to download. Mac gamblers can even take advantage of the various bonuses offered by casinos since bonus funds can be used on any version of the casino. Reputable online casinos keep payment information secure and private, so Mac users can request payouts or transfer funds into a casino account with as much peace of mind as a PC user.

So whether using Safari, Firefox, Opera or any of the other Mac compatible Web browsers, Mac gamblers can find online gaming that brings their favorite casino table games and slot machines directly to their Mac computer screen.


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