Live dealer casinos

Live dealer games in online casinos are causing a major stir, getting the attention of gaming fanatics by giving them the next best thing to the real casino experience. Tables are full of real, talking, breathing dealers, usually attractive women, who deal real cards in front of camera, give feedback and may even provide a little small talk, everything that is lacking in the two-dimensional casino.

These games are like televised casino tables that players can interact with. The real-live human will stand behind a table, turn the cards or spin the wheel, announce when the time for betting is closed and announce whether you, the player, has won or lost. Where it differs from the computerized sounds of software-induced voice commands is that your dealer can announce that you have won by saying your name. The dealer cannot see you but you have the option of chatting with her by typing into a dialogue box where she can read what you have written to her in real-time. You can even get to pry out some personal information from them, such as home countries, favorite foods and maybe even get them to sing.

Many online casinos are moving to live dealer tables because of the human interaction they give players. Most player feedback suggests that live dealers can be trusted more than the traditional software that comes with online casinos, too. Even though legitimate online casinos pride themselves in fair gaming and creating programs that mimic real-life odds and randomness, there can still be that nagging feeling in the back of the mind that the computer is out to cheat. Live dealers in online casinos are changing that perception, and giving doubters a chance to feel confident about their odds of winning being the same as at brick and mortar casino.

Live dealer Blackjack is by far the most popular webcam casino game going, but live online casinos have already made the transition to other games such as Live Roulette, Live Sic Bo and Live Baccarat. Casinos like Bet365, Bodog88 and Vegas Red offer all four games with live dealers, while a slew of others focus on one or two of the games. Players from the United States have a limited choice in live dealer casinos, but a couple such as Bogarts and BetPhoenix do accept U.S. players. Some casinos even allow gamers to play the webcam version of these games with play chips instead of real cash. Almost every single real dealer casino offers new player sign-up bonuses as well.

The rules for each live dealer game are the same as they would be in a real casino or if you were playing the online casino’s software version. The only exception to this would be the video dealer version of Texas Hold’em that some online casinos use. Players should not expect a ring game where each player bets their hand against all the other players at the table, but rather expect the casino table game version where the gambler bets against the dealer only.

Are there any drawbacks to playing a live dealer game? A few present themselves, mostly dealing with time and speed, both of the game and the live feed. Those playing on an older computer with slow CPU speeds, bad video cards, or slow internet connections may experience a lag in the feed or while trying to place bets. This can be equally frustrating for both the player and the dealer so it’s best to try a few play chip hands first to make sure your computer and connection are up to speed. Secondly, players will join into hands at a table meant for multiple players, meaning that just as in a brick and mortar casino, the dealer must deal each person at the table their own separate hand, and at full tables this will mean hands will move much more slowly than the one-on-one setting of a software-based table. Most people won’t have any problem filling in the extra time by chatting, or merely looking at your dealer.


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