Online casinos list with fastest payouts

Online casinos certainly have their advantages over the casinos that require sticks and stones. Players joining an online casino don’t need to dress up to play. Rounds at a table game in an online casino can go three or four times as quickly as those in real life. Plus, casinos online have much fewer expenses, which translates into higher payouts for its fans. However, there is one aspect of joining an online casino that is severely beaten by its brick-and-mortar counterparts: Speed of payouts. Fast payout casinos online used to be a fantasy. There are becoming more common now, though.

Getting your winnings out of a slot machine in Las Vegas is as simple as pressing a button, retrieving the paper card that is printed out, then finding a change machine or cashier’s booth to trade the card in for cold, hard cash. The process takes, at most, ten minutes, depending on the line at the booth. Getting your money out of an online slot machine could take weeks, maybe longer, and depends on the method of payment, how many orders are ahead of yours, whether a payment processed by check could get lost in the mail, or even if the casino you have visited is in the habit of “forgetting” you requested a payment.

Those gamblers who prefer to stick to online gaming but still need their winnings handed to them as soon as possible can do a little research to find fast payout casinos with the best methods at hand. Some casinos can use the latest technology to provide payments almost instantly as soon as a gaming session ends. Players need to be familiar with the various types of payout methods and understand how and why each one works. They must check with the cashier of their favorite online casinos to view the payout options and choose the ones that work for them. Fast payout casinos do exist, but not all use the same payout methods.

One of the fastest ways of getting paid is by using a trusted eWallet company, and the most recognizable eWallet service it NETeller. Money from the casino is electronically transferred into the player’s NETeller account, where it can then be electronically transferred directly into the player’s banking account. This is extremely handy for players who play at more than one casino in that they can use the NETeller account to transfer funds while keeping their actual banking information separate and secret from the casinos. Unfortunately for U.S. players, NETeller no longer accepts payments from online casinos into American bank accounts, so those who are in the U.S. must try using an alternative eWallet company or find a completely different method.

Another quick way of getting money from casino account to pocket is the wire transfer. This method, while not as quick as the eWallet, can be useful for those seeking a fast payout casino. Wire transfers wire money directly from one account to another, so unlike an eWallet, there is no extra step. Money goes from the casino directly into the player’s bank account. This method does involve giving the casino your banking account number or check routing number and information about your personal accounts and, while not a problem with trusted, secure casinos, could mean giving too much information to the wrong people if using a banking account that holds all of your earthly wealth. Even when using this method with trusted casinos, some casinos and even banks require a fee to process the request, although the fee is usually small. Players who need to use this method several times a week, though, could end up losing quite a bit of their earnings because of transfer fees. This service could also take up to 48 hours to process.

Of course, some people hold to the belief that the way to receive your payouts as quickly as possible is to play often, play hard, make many payout requests, and work your way up to a VIP player, one who is easily recognizable by the casino’s staff and who won’t waste time delaying your payout requests. This method, while it won’t guarantee you an instant payout, certainly goes a long way in securing a speedy one. Just like VIP players in real life casinos, the best customers are the ones who get the most perks.


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