Payout percentages at online casinos.

An online casino’s payout percentage is one of the most valuable tool gamblers have when choosing a respected online casino. The casino’s payout percentage is the amount of overall cash that is returned for every bet in the casino. Some people will receive more in the long run, and some will receive less. That is the nature of gambling. But overall, the payout percentage will reflect how much money is won in comparison to how much money is bet. A fair and unbiased online casino will not only be open about their payback percentages but will be certified by a legitimate and impartial auditor.

All excellent online casinos publish their certifications on their Web site, and the payout percentage report is one of those documents that gamblers should look for. The links for certificates usually are found at the very bottom of the casino’s main Web page, and may be surrounded by other links about payment security, fair gaming authorities, privacy policies or licensing. These reports will come from trusted third-party watchdog companies such as eCongra, Technical Systems Testing, BMM International, Gaming Associates and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

After the casino is tested and verified by a trustworthy group, it will then publish the group’s findings concerning its overall payout percentage in a certified report. The report may also break down to the individual game types payout percentage, such as showing payout percentage of all slots, table games, video poker, card games, poker games, blackjack or other games. Some casinos are recertified every month, so the published payout percentage may change frequently. However, on average an excellent online casino will have an overall payout percentage around 92 to 100 percent.

Online casinos do not have to publish their payout percentages. Many opt to provide a fairness certification document, which is a simple certificate proving fair gaming practices are in effect. Others may not publish the payout percentage on their sites, but provide that information to news Web sites or journalists when asked. If you cannot find the payout percentage on the casino’s site itself, look around at review websites and see if they have that information published within their review.

One of the major advantages online casinos have over the ones housed in buildings is that online casinos have larger payout percentages. Fair gaming requires real-life casino to have payout percentages around 80 to 88 percent, but the rules in Los Vegas and other places state that slot machine payouts can be as low as 75 percent. Gamblers in Vegas and other brick-and-mortar casinos are paying for the casino’s overhead costs: Electricity, staff, equipment, maintenance of machines, design and all the freebies that keep gamblers sitting at the tables.

In the virtual world of online gambling, none of that exists. There are costs associated with running a casino, programming the software and so forth, but they do not approach the amount of money that is poured into a real-life casino. Those extra costs from casinos within buildings eat away at what a gambler can potentially earn. Online casinos can afford a higher payout percentage, and therefore give professional gamblers great deals compared to their land-based counterparts.

The best paying online casinos will be the ones with proven high payout percentages, so it literally pays for a gambler to seek out casinos with the highest percentages. Different casinos may have different odds on separate games, so someone who plays only blackjack should pay attention to the breakdown of individual game types and navigate toward the ones with the highest payback percentage in that game.

In conclusion, a good solid foundation in understand odds, statistics and math isn’t required only at the gaming table. Gamblers help themselves by looking at more than the casino’s games. Finding a casino’s payout percentage may require a little bit of research, but digging up the truth can mean the difference between playing your money away and walking away from the tables with a huge reward.


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