Sign up casino bonuses.

The first impression an online casino gives is often what makes players decided whether to join that casino or pass on it. So many online casinos make their main focus their sign up casino bonus, advertising it front and center on their Web page. The sign up bonus, also known as the welcome bonus or new player bonus, is a type of incentive used to give gamblers an extra boost when deciding whether to sign up with a casino they have never played at.

The bonus used to get a new player to log in can take one of several different formats. A popular sign up casino bonus is the no deposit bonus, where the casino gives free chips or free money to a new recruit to bet on the casino’s games. All players have to do is open an account. As it implies, the new player doesn’t even have to deposit funds into their account. Giving their name and information is enough to be handed a gift that can be wagered on table games or in the slot machines. Usually players must make wagers that total up to 30 to 50 times the amount of the original bonus gift before they are allowed to withdraw any money left over. More often than not, the funds are enough to let the gambler play a good amount of time at the casino and get a feel for the place, yet not enough to give him or her a chance at a large payout.

Sign up bonuses that require the new player to make a deposit before they can receive them are called deposit bonuses and also take on several forms. The major one is a matching bonus, which means whatever the player decides to deposit, the online casino will automatically double the amount when it reaches the account. For example, if the player chooses to deposit $100, he or she will find the $100 of their money and $100 in matching funds, which may be kept in a bonus fund category until the player meets wagering requirements and the money is released into the player’s general bankroll.

Related to that is the percentage bonus, where a player makes a deposit and the casino will give that player bonus funds of a certain percentage of their deposit. Usually, this will be more than the deposit amount, such as a 150 percent bonus, 200 percent or more. However, sometimes the percentage of the bonus will drop down to 50 to 80 percent depending on the casino’s current deal. Both the matching bonus and the percentage bonus will have a cap on the amount of bonus funds that can be earned, meaning players cannot deposit a gigantic sum, say $10,000 during a 200 percent bonus drive, and expect the casino to award them with $20,000 bonus money.

As an added incentive, some casinos will offer sign up bonuses that extend past the initial deposit. These tiered bonuses are in the form of percentage bonuses and will reward players for making more than one deposit, usually in a system by which the bonus increases as the number of deposits increase. For example, if the player’s first deposit receives 150 percent in bonus funds, the second bonus will receive 175 percent and the third will earn 200 percent.

Another type of ongoing bonus for new players is a monthly reload bonus, which promises to match funds or give a percentage of bonus money to players on their first deposits every month for a certain time. Often these bonuses continue for a full year after the new player signs up with the casino, and ensures that the new player will keep logging in, not only to receive the new month’s bonus but to check back for other rewards and bonus promotions the casino may be offering.


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