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For the first-time online gambler, surfing through the endless sea of online casinos and their bonus offers can be time-consuming, confusing and mostly a math quiz. Each casino offers a deal on its Web page using a bunch of words and phrases that are meant to appeal, but only if the player can decipher those phrases and truly understand what is being offered. Here is a list and explanation of the different types of online casino bonuses that one is likely to encounter.

To receive these bonuses, the player usually must perform some kind of action to receive this award, such as open an account, enter a bonus code, or play a certain number of wagers within some timeframe. Casinos may offer these as monthly rewards or is special celebrations such as the casino’s anniversary or some holidays. The no deposit bonus or free credit bonus is a type of online casino bonus where the player receives funds in his or her account without having to transfer any money into that account first. These make very good sign up bonuses or gifts from the casino for achieving certain goals.

They can be low amounts like $5 or $10 on up to $100. Similar to a no deposit bonus is a free spin bonus. These are turns on a video slot machine that do not use up any funds already in a players account. Winnings from these free spins may go directly to the account, or may be considered part of a bonus account that must then be bet a certain number of times before they are released. Matching bonuses and percentage bonuses are bonuses given when a player deposits money. For example, an account holder may transfer $100 to their account while redeeming a 200 percent bonus, and therefore find $300 sitting in their playable funds. The matching bonus is a shorthand way of saying that it is a 100 percent bonus. The first deposit for a player usually earns a good bonus amount, and may also be called an initial deposit bonus, welcome bonus or new player bonus. Many casinos keep the bonuses coming with something called a reload bonus or second deposit bonus. Some casinos go even one step further giving out monthly bonuses, or bonuses given to every player who adds money their account once a month. Speaking of deposit bonuses, some casinos have favorites among their list of deposit methods, and are so fond of players that use these preferred deposit methods that they offer a small percentage bonus for using them. These are usually called alternate payment method bonuses or alternative deposit bonuses and may include an extra 10 percent showing up in the accounts of players using transfer methods such as NETeller, Skrill, Click2Pay or various others. Referral bonuses happen when a player convinces his or her friends to sign up at their favorite casino. Sometimes they are also called Refer A Friend bonuses, they mean that when a friend creates an account and names the person as the one told them about the site, an extra few credits will show up in the account of the one who referred them. Many casinos are following the lead of brick and mortar casinos and creating VIP clubs, or what are essentially points cards without the actual card. Players rack up points by making wagers on any games in the casino. Those points can then be cashed in to become money added to the player’s account. Usually the rules are that $1 worth in wagers translates to one VIP point, and then 100 points can be cashed out for $10 or some similar amount. These points plans will never make the player rich, but it can be a pleasant little extra gambling money at the end of a long session.  

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