First deposit bonuses.

First deposit bonuses. List of the top online casino's offers on first deposit.

You have signed into a brand new online casino, you have looked around at the games, tried a few by playing them with play chips or even used up your no deposit bonus, and now you are ready to take the plunge and make your first deposit with this casino. As you look into how to make this first deposit, you note that the promotions page of the casino offers different types of first deposit bonuses. So how do you choose which plan to follow.

The best rule of thumb when picking a first deposit bonus is to go with the bonus that will earn you the most amount of bonus money for the size of the deposit you are willing to make. First, decide on your deposit amount and stick to a deposit that you are comfortable making. It is tempting to make a larger deposit simply because you will be receiving more bonus funds for it, but keep in mind those bonus funds usually come with a requirement of needing to make bets in the casino of many times more than the bankroll before you can call that money yours to keep. This is usually in the neighborhood of 15 to 50 times the bonus funds you receive, meaning if you make a deposit that earns you $100 in bonus money, you have to make bets that equal up to $1,500 to $5,000 before you can withdraw any earnings.

Therefore, if the casino is offering a 200 percent bonus of deposits up to $100 or 150 percent on deposits up to $1,000, and you want to deposit $100, the first deposit bonus for you should be the first offering: 200 percent on a $100 bonus, which earns an extra $200 in bonus money. However, if you are more comfortable making a larger deposit, making a first-time deposit of $1,000 at 150 percent means you have just had $1,500 in bonus money land in your account.

Online casinos offering first time deposit bonuses sometimes offer different packages and different amounts to fit the needs of different customers, not because they are trying to be confusing on purpose. Gamblers who are new to the casino and deciding on which first deposit bonus to follow need to read all the terms and conditions associated with each bonus offer. On the surface, receiving a bonus of 500 percent sounds better than a 200 percent bonus, unless that player is most comfortable at table games and the 500 percent bonus offer is only valid by playing slot machines. Some offers will have play through amounts, or the number of times the bonus money must be wagered before the winnings can be withdrawn, that are different on different types of games. The same bonus money may need to be wagered 15 times on slot machines, but 30 times or certain table games, and may not be valid at all on the most popular table games like blackjack.

First time deposit bonuses may have other stipulations to follow as well. Not only may the types of games available be limited, but some bonus offers may require that the deposit be made with a certain method, or even reward players who make their deposits in ways other than a credit card. These “alternative method” deposits can add 10 percent more to the bonus funds. Also, some first time deposit bonuses may require the player to make additional deposits in a certain time to receive an even higher percentage of bonus money.

Overall, though, the bigger the percentage offered on a first time deposit bonus, the better. A bonus of 500 percent means that you are getting five times the bankroll on a single deposit. These first deposit bonuses often are the best deal being offered by the casino, and although longtime, loyal customers will still find deposit bonuses available, they may never match the amounts given out the first time. Careful gamblers will do their homework and follow the plan that best suits them.


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