Best casino bonus

An overwhelming amount of information is thrown at the typical casino shopper within a few seconds of searching for an online casino to call home. Each new casino Web site will flash, scroll, pop-up or put dancing lights around its current welcome bonus, screaming at the player how great their bonus is and how much money you can earn when you sign up at their casino. Gamblers love deals, but unless they plan on signing up for every casino offer thrown at them, they need to learn to recognize the best casino bonus deals and which offers give them the most bang for their bucks.

The best bonus to score is the no deposit bonus, or the free credit bonus. Basically, gamers earn a certain amount of play credits just for signing up with a site. Open an account, sign into the casino, and bingo. Money will be waiting for you to take to the slot machines or to the tables. The amount of money the player receives can be as low as $5 or as rich as $100. Sometimes, casinos will attach a time limit, forcing the player to burn through their bonus funds within an hour, a day or maybe a week after receiving them.

Related to the no deposit bonus is the free spin or free hand bonus. Again, this is like earning credits to play at the tables without having to fork over any real money to start. The player gives the casino their account information and they are automatically credited with a certain number of free spins on one of the casino’s popular slot machines. Obviously, gamblers should look for bonuses that offer the highest number of free spins, 30 to 50 spins being good and more than that being the figurative jackpot. Other offers can include a certain number of hands at whatever table game the casino is highlighting, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette or Sic Bo being the most popular games. Players may also come across a percentage bonus, where the casino will offer guests an amount of bonus money based on the amount the player deposits the first time in their brand new account. Usually, the higher the percentage is, the better the deal. There may even be a string of percentage deposits available, meaning a first deposit will be worth a bonus of 150 percent, then the second and third deposits will earn 200 percent and so on, up to eight deposits or so. The 100 percent bonus is more commonly referred to as a matching bonus. This is simply a straight one-to-one match in bonus money of the funds deposited. If other sites are offering more bonus money, then why should the gambler consider a simple matching bonus? Because casinos often put caps on the amount of bonus money they hand out. If one casino offers a 200 percent bonus on deposits up to $200, and a second one offers a 100 percent on deposits of up to $1,000, players may consider the second deal to be better, based on how much they plan to start with in their bankroll. Most of these deals are excellent, but they come with a second half to them: The playthrough amount. This is a stipulation that casinos love to put in the small print. A player will receive $10 in free money, but they must make bets that are a total of 30 times that, or $300 worth of wagers, before any of the bonus or even the winnings from it are released and can be cashed out. Plus, the playthrough amount will vary from casino to casino and even from one game to the next within each casino. Video slot machines and Keno tend to feature the best playthrough numbers, while table games tend to have higher amounts. Some casinos will even limit the games that are allowed within the bonus, such as forcing players to bet only at slot machines. Players should note both the amount of the bonus and the number of wagers they must make to find the casinos with truly the best betting bonuses available. It literally pays to shop around, research and compare deals before signing on with an online casino.  

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