Wager requirements for online casino bonuses

If you think about it, online casinos are quite generous in the sense that they just offer free money to new players who sign up and start playing. Since they are simply giving away free money, they usually will not allow someone to sign up and withdraw the total bonus funds. In order to put a form of restriction on the online casino bonus money, they will have wagering requirements that players need to meet.

Even though players have a risk in playing at online casinos, so do the casinos when they offer free money to new players. In order to place a safety net on their money, the casino has introduced a set of regulations that players need to meet before they can withdraw their casino bonuses.

When you visit an online casino site, you will be shown tons of high quality graphics, videos and lights to get you in the mood of gambling. The casino would advertise their various types of casino bonuses, whether it may be a full 100% deposit bonus or a fifteen hundred dollar sign up bonus. New players see these awesome promotional casino bonus offers and they think, ‘wow, this is free money that I could get by joining’. The truth is that, when you sign up you are made to accept the casino rules and regulations. These rules and regulations from online casinos are extremely long and would take hours to read up, so many of us simply agree and move on. The legal agreement that you agree to is what indicates the wager requirements you need to meet in order to collect your bonus funds.

The most basic thing you need to know and understand is that, you need to deposit money and play in order to actually get your free casino bonus. Wagering requirements have been setup so that you do not simply run away with the casinos free bonus money. A wager requirement would include a play through requirement as well as a deposit requirement. Depending on the amount of bonus you received, the play through rate would differ from one casino to the next. For low bonus funds, you may only be asked to meet a play through rate of ten or fifteen. For larger casino bonus amounts, you may be asked to meet a play through rate of fifty or higher.

Wagering requirements for online casino bonuses vary for each type of casino game, so it sometimes gets a little confusing for some new players. Let’s assume a simple scenario where the minimum play through rate is fifteen with a total deposit of one hundred dollars. In this case, you would have to play at the online casino for $1500 worth of bets ($100 deposit x 15 bets) in order to be able to cash out your bonus and winnings. Since some casinos require a minimum bet, you may even be asked to place higher bets the first time. If the wagering requirements for online casino bonuses are set for each specific game, then you would have to recalculate based on how many bets you play on each game.


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